New Year, New Office View?

Remote working is no longer an abstract concept, designed for stay at home parents or entitled millennials. Remote working has become a basic need for many industries. From the always on entrepreneur to a solo business owner who needs to be in many places at once, remote working is a necessity for many. 

Technology keeps us connected and productive

Technology keeps us connected and productive

So, the ability to work anywhere, anytime… WiFi dependent of course… how hard can it be? In reality, with a well designed process, there should be no difference between remote working and office working - it is about seamless movement between machines and networks; synched devices and processes so that your experience is always consistent, with minimal disruption.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and to engineer their systems to best cater for their work habits and lifestyles. Plans can include a variety of products, each of which serve a purpose in the optimisation of your productivity. Some products might include:

Office 365  offers a whole suite of products designed to allow your team to work more collaboratively and more efficiently. Teams, OneNote and Sharepoint are just three of the products on offer.

The central hub for teamwork and the latest addition to the Office 365 suite, Teams ensures that your team can connect and collaborate wherever they are in real-time with full chat and video functionality.

OneNote allows you to take notes on any device and have them sync to multiple devices, essentially giving you a universal notepad which updates itself automatically to reflect changes added across multiple devices. It can also be used to create checklists and seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Teams 

Upload, share and access all of the files that your team is working on from anywhere. Also allows you to collaborate simultaneously and integrates into Microsoft Teams.

Remote Desktop Access
Remote Desktop Access gives you a quick way to remotely connect to your office PC in order to get work done, just like you were at the office but with the freedom of working literally anywhere with internet access.

Once your company has the systems and technologies in place to facilitate remote working, it can go from being a basic business function implemented out of necessity, to being a real draw for attracting and retaining staff. Remote working is widely recognised as the way of the future, whether just for overtime outside of office hours or as a regular feature in your work week. For more information check out this great article for more reasons on why you should offer your employees remote working privileges.

Breda Cahill