Want (harder), better, faster, stronger* WiFi?


*Yes, that's a Daft Punk reference.

WiFi Solutions range from dedicated units for a small home or office environment to wide scaled solutions that work in tandem to provide solid wireless coverage to big areas or even multiple floors of a building. 

ISPs get the internet to the door and usually this is the extent of their role. Your I.T. provider, us for instance, then takes over programmes the infrastructure within the building to provide network and internet access with reliability and range.

Fun fact: Did you know Hello I.T. became an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in 2019, which means you can also directly get your internet access through us?


Optimizing your network can include using: Access Points or in short (AP’s), business grade routers (not the standard ISP provided option), network planning and configuration. We provide this service for hotels, motels, small and medium businesses and many other clients, all of whom have very different needs.

Security via guest networks

Do you have visitors accessing your WiFi network? Every time this happens, you are allowing that persons device to infiltrate your network. Now, granted this is often for a short period of time and for normal usage, you are running a risk and we are all about risk mitigation. The reason this poses a risk is because when another machine accesses your network, you are open to any and all risks that that machine is currently facing. If a visitors machine has been compromised by malware, you have now given them the keys to your network and the malware can potentially be transmitted throughout your network.

Setting up a dedicated guest network ring fences a secure area within your network for guests to access. This maintains a barrier between their machine and your network and acts almost like a quarantine for any risks posed by their machine meaning they can only get internet access and not communicate with other internal devices or infrastructure.

Improved coverage within your space

Are there areas of your space that are known for poor Wi-Fi coverage? Often further you move from the router the worse it can get. This can be resolved with a dedicated AP. These work by using a hardwired connection to the main network router and broadcasting it. They can also be used in tandem for larger spaces to provide seaming less roaming throughout an entire building while on a Microsoft Teams or Skype video calls. 

For instance, we work with a couple of hotels / motels where reliable coverage, in all areas of the building is vital and not just for office staff but for guest use.  

Best experience when many devices are connected

When you have many users connected to your network, you want to ensure everyone is getting the best experience and this means an equal piece of the pie. You don’t want one user watching 4k videos while someone else cannot access their email.

All of this can be easily configured in your network settings and what’s more, we can provide you with a personalized dashboard that puts this control in your hands allowing you to login and see how much data is being used, what devices are using that data and a lot more! 

Reliability and performance

In general, we all expect reliable and high performing internet. If we are not already looking after your internet or network - contact us for a free assessment.

Breda Cahill