A Big Move for Early Start Project

Over the last month we have really enjoyed working with Early Start Project as they moved into their brand new premises. This was a major project as the move saw staff from their primary office and 2 satellite offices brought together to now work and share one larger purpose fitted office near the CBD in Christchurch.

Proper planning prevents poor performance

From a technical perspective, much of the work happened pre-move as we took time to scope the project and assess the requirements. As the saying goes, proper planning prevents poor performance. Stocktakes for hardware currently in use in the different locations were checked to ensure we had the full measure of devices to be transferred. All connections and infrastructure in the new building were tested and assessed to ensure compatibility.

The big move

When it came to the physical move, our preparation and testing meant that we were able to limit the downtime to a planned window of only a couple of hours, with staff finishing work in their old premises on one day, and seamlessly returning to work at their workstations in their new building on the next day.

We are excited for all of the team at the Early Start Project and wish them a long and happy worklife in their new home.

What’s a celebration without cake?!

What’s a celebration without cake?!

Breda Cahill