The team at Hello I.T. bring together just the right mix of experience and innovation, problem solving and strong communication. Just don’t bring up the Mac vs PC debate… Let’s just say that our varying preferences mean that we represent the diversity of our clients well; whatever your weapon of choice, we can help you!


Dan Kearns
Director & Systems Engineer

Dan is a fully fledged technology fanatic; always tinkering with new technologies to find the latest and greatest that’s available. If you can find a problem, Dan can find a gadget or a piece of software to solve it.  

He does occasionally take a break from his screens. When he’s not at work Dan enjoys hitting the gym and working outdoors in the garden.  
We asked Dan what he enjoys about his work:

Partnering with a such diverse clients - making their lives easier and often their businesses more efficient through smart I.T. That’s what it’s all about.


Breda Cahill
Marketing and Communications

Breda loves the challenge of translating our technical services for non-technical clients; living by our tagline to always ‘speak your language’.

With a technical educational background and years of experience in branding and marketing with agencies, this role is the perfect combination of interests and experience.

She is the office Mac devotee and with her record for dropping iPhones alone, we have perfected the art of screen replacements.


Mason Lithgow
Service Desk Engineer

Mason is an experienced field engineer; specializing in project management and client support. He enjoys building rapport with clients and getting to know them and their businesses. He says that having strong relationships with clients “really adds to the feeling of success… after solving a tricky issue”.

In his free-time, Mason enjoys spending time with mates, gaming and swimming. 

Favourite piece of hardware would be the Graphics Card, it means I can not only use 2-3 screens at once but even connect my TV to my computer for the best Netflix experience.